My Keto Journey

Hello everyone and welcome to my website! 

Let me start off by telling you a few things about myself. I am a stay-at-home mom with two beautiful girls (1 and 3), I have a hard working, wonderful husband and I spend far too much time obsessing over food! Now, I don’t just mean that I think about food here and there throughout the day, I mean I OBSESS about it! I spend hours researching recipes, hours at the supermarket buying ingredients and hours in the kitchen prepping, creating and cooking meals. My life is VERY food-oriented!  

Here’s a little secret about my husband and I… We were not always health conscious people on a very low carb diet. Ever since we first moved in together (nearly a decade ago) we always had a junk food cupboard in the kitchen. Our junk food cupboard was always full because not only were we extremely weak individuals when we went to the grocery store, but our relatives used to constantly gift us our favorite sugary snacks whenever possible. On top of the copious amount of high carb, sugary snacks we were eating, all our meals were centered around complex carbohydrates. It really is horrifying to look back at the amount of carbs and sugars we used to consume on a daily basis.

I am sure you all are wondering, ‘what made us choose this keto lifestyle?’

Well, I guess it all started after I found out I had gestational diabetes whilst pregnant with my second daughter. To say I was shocked would be an understatement! Straight after I had taken the glucose test, I felt 100% positive that I did not have gestational diabetes, so we drove 40 minutes across town to get a dozen of the best donuts. Then, I kid you not, just as I was about to bite into my all-time favorite banana cream donut…I received a message with the news. The timing could not have been worse! At that point, I didn’t know a lot about a low carb diet, so I still ate it..and then another one..and maybe another couple after that…but back then, who was counting?! So, after my big blow-out donut binge, I started focusing on my daily carb intake, learning more about a low carb lifestyle and experimenting with hundreds of low carb, keto recipes.

I became more and more interested in a low carb lifestyle, until my second daughter was born. After her birth, I became lazy, tired, drained and overwhelmed. I stopped focusing on our diets and we became carb fiends again! My husband and I both knew we had to change our eating habits, but we felt that we needed a reason to do so. We didn’t need to lose weight or have to change our diet because of illness, we just wanted to improve our health and lifestyle.

In early May 2018, we snuggled on the couch and watched the documentary “The Magic Pill.” We found this documentary incredibly informative and interesting, so much so, that it made us question everything we thought we knew about nutrition. We decided to try the keto diet out for two weeks and it literally changed our lives!

The first few days were weird. We constantly felt hungry, unsatisfied and our mouths tasted a little greasy from all the fats we were consuming. However, we kept persevering. About a week into it, our bodies started adapting to this new lifestyle and it started to feel completely normal! After sticking to the keto diet for two weeks, we were hooked! We had more energy, clearer minds and we loved the way our bodies felt. So instead of reverting back to our old eating habits (much to our friends and families surprise), we ended up preaching this keto lifestyle and encouraging them to try it out for themselves.

After several recipe requests, I thought it would be easier (no idea why!) to create a website where everyone can easily access my keto recipes whenever they want. I wish I could say ‘building this website has been a breeze’, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I knew absolutely nothing about creating a website, so I have ran into my fair share of problems. However, as challenging as it has been at times, I have LOVED this process and I am beyond excited to share all my favorite low carb, keto recipes with you all!  I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

– Anna